I want to discover myself and know whats going on in my mind. Therefore I use photography as a tool for this self exploration. The knowledge I develop from photography contributes to my personal development. Feelings and thoughts are transformed into pictures which are often anecdotal and tell a little story.

I started photography in 2011 with the birth of my oldest son Boudewijn. In an autodidact way I try to make photography myself. Inspired by daily life, music, books, movies and of course other photographers. My approach is personal and connecting, with respect for subjects and people. My photographic signature can best be described as contrasting black & white with surprising compositions.

2017 - "IJssel recreanten", exhibitionn IJsselbiënnale Deventer
2017 - 3rd place Urban Photo Race Rotterdam
2017 - 1st place Urban Photo Race Amsterdam
2018 - "Mannenwerk", exhibition Fotofestival aan de Maas (Fotomuseum Rotterdam)
2018 - 3rd place Urban Photo Race Rotterdam
2018 - 2nd place Urban Photo Race Amsterdam